Fieldwork on the Norfolk Coast

All Year 12 Geography students spent a day at Hunstanton on the Norfolk coast for a Fieldwork investigation day. The aim was to examine the littoral zone from cliffs to nearshore. At low tide students were able to put their knowledge to the test in identifying physical coastal features and evidence of weathering and erosion processes. Students also gathered their own information to bring back to the classroom to apply statistical tests and techniques.

The weather remained dry, bright and so calm that there were no waves on the shore at all!

rotary winner MV

Rotary Young Designer Competition

This year’s competition for young entrepreneurs and inventors to showcase their design ideas and skills was again hosted at MV16. The awards included both Junior and Senior Rotary designer of the year as well as the MV16 Manufacturing award.

There were entries from all four local schools (Long Field Academy, John Ferneley College, Belvoir High School and MV16) with products ranging from an electronic pinball machine, mechanical toys to an on stage drum stick holder.  All designs were well thought out and supported by extensive design studies and construction criteria – a great credit to the teaching staff and young people of the Melton district. Winners have the opportunity to go on to the District competition at De Montfort University in a weeks’ time.

The judges, who represented Melton’s Rotary Clubs, had a very challenging, but greatly rewarding task in adjudicating and selecting the winners from the high standard of work presented.

The final results were:

Senior Designer: 16 to 18 years old

Winner – Luke Parkin (MV16) (pictured above with winning design)

Runner up – Lily Hemsley (MV16)

Highly Commended  – Heidi Dolby (MV16)

 Junior Designer: Up to 16 years old

Winner – Henrietta Wright (Belvoir High School)

Runner up – Helen Barber (John Ferneley College)

Highly Commended – Jacob Neale (Belvoir High School)

Manufacturing Award

Winner – Helen Barber (John Ferneley College)

Runner up – Will Wilson (Longfield Academy)


MV16 Chemistry students go “Behind the Yellow Line”


Outreach workers from Leicester University, Jonathon Brooks (Forensic Taphonomy Postgraduate Researcher) and Jodie Coulston (Postgraduate Researcher in Forensic Chemistry working with the Home Office in the Field of Fingerprint Development) led workshops which gave Year 12 Chemistry students an insight into some of the frequently used tests in crime scene investigations. It also highlighted areas of uncertainty leading to further testing being required.  The workshops involved blood tests, fingerprint recognition and a mock crime scene.

This was very well received by students who developed their observation, recording and analytical skills in a “hands on” experience. They also received valuable information about possible careers with a forensic theme and related post-graduate courses and opportunities for work experience.

Student feedback included:

“It was a fun and engaging experience, I learnt a lot.”

“It was an amazing experience which was fun and interesting for everyone, whether or not you planned to study this area at a higher level.”

The presenters praised the students and their participation. “The students were very enthusiastic and willing to be involved in all activities. Participation in the practical aspects was excellent and they used information learnt in the sessions to complete activities.”


he fair

UCAS Convention – Loughborough University

he fair

Arguably, the life on an A-level student is a stressful one. Not only must we focus on our studies, exams, coursework, revision, organisation but also the outcome of all of this when all the hard work finally pays off and the dreaded results day arrives. However, before we receive our results we must decide what we will try and do with them, where we will go, the start of our future the most thrilling and yet terrifying decision. Luckily to aid us in our journey we were given the opportunity to explore our options and the UCAS convention at Loughborough University gave some of the Year 12s some insight. Two coaches delivered those attending to a hall filled with bags, prospectuses, pens galore. But it was also filled with many previous students of the university they were representing who overflowed with knowledge on their university and the subjects it can supply as well as information on anything you could ask them as well as many involved in apprenticeship schemes. After walking round each stall, being giving the information we wanted or needed and the majority of the time a prospectus, conclusions can be made. For many of us the trip helped us to clearly see the options we have for our future making things seem clearer. For others, it led to a realisation of the so many options we have, which perhaps may seem a bit scary. However, for many of us in Year 12 it must be agreed that we appreciate the opportunity that was presented and that our options are endless it is just about deciding what is best for the induvial, and that is the tricky part.

Maddie Maclaine-Freeman
Year 12 student MV16

BMAT Public Consultation

The Belvoir and Melton Academy Trustees are commencing a consultation that will run from 7 April until 5 May 2017.

The trust value the input from parents, staff and the local community and hope that you will respond to this consultation by email to or in writing. A public meeting will be held at MV16 on 2nd May 2017 at 5.30pm. The trustees will NOT make a final decision until after the consultation closes on 5th May 2017.

There is more information in the letter below.

Letter to Stakeholders


ICAEW National Base Competition

On 8th March 2017, a team of 5 business students represented MV16 in the ICAEW National Base Competition. The ICAEW is a leading Accounting body who has 147,000 members worldwide and runs the business and accounting competition annually. As part of the competition students are given a 40 page pack of information relating to a businesses’ financial, strategy and market data. They have to decipher the data as a team and present their findings against a range of criteria to a panel of judges made up of professionals from the finance industry. Students are judged throughout the day on not only their final presentations but their team working and problem solving skills. The students delivered and an excellent presentation to the judges and answered a series of difficult questions from the panel. Emily Whitton, commented that “The day was really enlightening and challenging. Although presenting in front of the judges and all of the other competitors was very nerve wracking, it was also very rewarding and the day was a great experience”.

econ conference

Tutor2u Economics Conference

econ conference

Year 13 Economists benefitted from an intense day of revision with the Tutor2u team at Star City Birmingham on 31st March. This day is just one part of the support we offer to students as they embark on their personal revision programmes in preparation for the 3 A-level Economics papers that they will sit in June.  The five sessions allowed students to gain first hand advice from experienced examiners and focus on the real world issues that students should be aware of and should use in their essay responses. Lessons at MV16, will now build on this day to focus on honing exam technique so students can ‘wow’ examiners in the summer and match the ‘outstanding’ results students gain in this subject at MV16.  Mrs Roberts and Ms Sullivan have worked closely with the Tutor2u team since they established their online support 15 years ago and highly recommend all of our Business and Economics students to use this website for revision materials and webinar revision.

Alternatives to Uni

The Alternatives to University after MV16

Year 12 students at MV are now starting to think seriously about their Post 18 options as many will start to prepare university applications when we return after the Easter break. However, there is a growing range of alternatives for students and we recognise that university is not always the best option for all of our students.  The Government are funding a wide range of ‘Degree Apprenticeships’ and we expect students from MV to be part of the many students, UK wide, who benefit from this pathway.

This booklet is a great resource for students and parents to understand all of the options available.  Please contact Mrs Roberts for further guidance.