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Frequently asked questions regarding students starting year 12. If you have any queries, please contact the Admissions team on 01664 504761

All students have to choose 3 A levels or equivalent to study at MV16, with a small number studying 4 following an individual discussion with a member of our experienced Senior Leadership Team and dependant on GCSE results. All students also have the opportunity to complete the Level 3 Extended Project Qualification.

There is no such thing as a free period. The pace of study and rigour of A-levels means that your son/daughter will be directed by us to use this time as study periods. Whilst in the centre there is an emphasis on engaging in independent learning during this time to support student progress.

Your son/daughter will be assigned a tutor who is responsible for their wellbeing and academic achievement whilst at MV16. They will arrange regular meetings with your son or daughter to discuss progress, aspirations along with wellbeing. We place a high value on this relationship and encourage you to make the tutor your first port of call if you have any concerns.

The centre has a smart/casual dress code that all students are happy to adhere to. To summarise we do not allow any vest style or revealing tops, shorts or skirts that are cut to fall above the mid-thigh and clothing which carries offensive images or wording. We expect students to dress appropriately for the environment they have chosen to work in.

We encourage students to bring in their own electrical devices. Please ensure that they are covered on your household contents insurance as the school can take no responsibility for them whilst being used in the building.

We advise your son or daughter to make use of a locker. Lockers can be organised through student services at the start of term. The deposit for a locker is 5 for the year.

For the first 6 weeks of Year 12 your son or daughter is not allowed to leave the school site. We know from experience that students take time to make the transition from secondary school to sixth form life and this system allows us to nurture students through this phase with great success. By October half term we afford more freedom to students with support from parents. This is a privilege that will be removed if we are concerned your son/daughter is falling behind with their studies.

Either telephone our helpline on Thursday 24th August (details in offer letter) and/or attend your son/daughter's registration appointment as given out during induction and expert help and advice will be available.

There are many ways you can support your son/daughter during their post 16 education. We work with you and keep you informed of your son /daughter's progress. Both parents and students benefit from mutual support, interest and communication regarding their subject choices at A Level. It is beneficial to promote wider learning to your son/daughter by offering opportunities outside of school that enhance their learning. We also offer personalised guidance for parents from our specialist A-level teachers during termly parent consultation evenings. Our dedicated Senior Leadership team are always available to discuss any concerns you have regarding your son/daughter.

After the summer induction days your son or daughter will return with documentation that guides you through the bursary process. Students from low income households are entitle to bursary funding form the government via the school. Applications need to be supported with evidence of income. This is done in a sensitive and confidential manner. Further confidential advice can be obtained from the school.

You will have to pay for transport to and from MV16. There are two types of bus transport at post 16, buses that are provided by the Local Education Authority and service buses. If the bus you wish to use is provided by the Local Education Authority, then you should apply for a bus pass online by visiting their website. Service buses run to MV16 from Oakham operated by Centrebus (No 19) and buses from East Goscote, Syston and Leicester are operated by Arriva (5A). A Young Persons ID card from Centrebus will entitle you to 20% off your weekly ticket and Student Saver tickets can be purchased from Arriva. Transport assistance may also be available from Rutland County Council. Direct trains run to Melton from Leicester, Oakham and Stamford. MV16 is only a short walk from the station.

The centre will not grant permission for you to take your son or daughter out of school for a holiday during term time. We have a strong emphasis on attendance and its correlation with exam results.

Please call the centre before 9am if your son/daughter is ill and won't be attending school. This allows us to inform their tutor and teaching staff of their absence. There is an expectation that when your child returns to school they will actively seek their teacher and catch up on work they have missed.

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