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The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a qualification whereby a student will choose their own project and course of study to achieve the equivalent of half an A-level. Due to the project management skills that it affords students, the qualification is highly regarded by universities, some of whom are keen to acknowledge it within their offers for competitive degree programmes. Many students at MV16 have enjoyed the opportunity to develop their own ideas and flourished as independent learners by undertaking the EPQ. Some recent projects, which have been of a particularly high standard have been:

- A film, which documented the trials of a student's competitive running season
- A booklet, 'My Diabetic Buddy', aimed at young children to help them understand and cope with a diagnosis of diabetes
- A short story, written in the beat style - influenced by Jack Kerouac
- A study on the environmental impacts of the palm oil industry in Indonesia
- A report on the causes and effects of Alzheimer's Disease
- An essay discussing the impact of piracy in the Caribbean during the early 18th century
- Engineering an arcade game machine
- A film to promote swimming
- Building a digital watch

The skills learned will be of enormous value to these students as they progress into higher education and their future careers. Our Head of Centre, Mrs Black, always comments that the EPQ student presentations are one of the 'highlights of the year!'


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